Unfinished Minesweeper Prototype made with Typescript and Socket.io
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Unfinished Multiplayer Minesweeper Prototype

Back in early 2022, I wanted to make a multiplayer version of minesweeper. The prototype is built with TypeScript, JavaScript, Spaghetti (only partly joking about that one), HTML Canvas, and Socket.io.

to run, simply run the build.sh script:


and go to localhost:8082 in your browser.

Only a husk of the required features for this to be considered polished are implemented, but the basic outline of the game is there.

I tried building the frontend without any framework — just vanilla javascript — but got bogged down and lost interest.

Though I did not finish this project, it was a great learning experience for making a client server application.

Anyhow, instead of having to run my code on your computer, here are some screenshots showcasing the features

Screenshot of game's main menu Screenshot of game creation screen Screenshot in game