Proof of concept scripts to work with the Bing Streetside API
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BSS-Util: Scripts to download, sort and stitch Bing Streetside Imagery

To install required dependencies:

npm install

To use, first edit the lat and lon in get_id.js to be of the location of the desired Streetside image. Then run

node get_id.js

This will — if it works — output a ten digit ID number. Copy that ten digit ID into id10 in download.js

Now, run

node download.js

This will download all the tiles for the streetside image. Into the out directory. Along with the image tiles, a tile_meta.json will be saved for sorting.

To stitch those tiles into one cohesive cubemap

node stitch.js

This is not intended to be complete program used to download these images; it is not optimized for that purpose. Instead, this is intended as a set of rudimentary scripts that show the bones of the process of downloading and stitching tiles from a Bing Streetside image.

Use responsibly